About CURE

Return to Good Skin! 

“CURE” has been protecting 10 million skins over 29 years!

“CURE” means RETURN to Good Health!

 “CURE” leads to a shortcut to return to your own healthy skin!

Fresh FARM to DERM

 “CURE” provides nutrients from fresh aloe grown for 1,000 days to your skin.

 Through trial & error, we found out that it is best to process fresh aloe grown for 1,0000 days in Jeju Island known for one of the cleanest zones in the world, according to UNESCO within 6 hours of harvesting in order to provide the freshest aloe to your skin.

U-Tech & 1% ALOE

 “CURE” is based on two unique aloe technologies: 

 KJM ALOE has been studying on aloe for more than 40 years.

· Low molecular ALOE VERA leaf juice helps not only to penetrate the skin but also promote Collagen Synthesis in skin cells.

 · Perfect combination of Less than 1% of Aloe Arborescens Extract and KJM CURE’s unique ingredients helps you to recover from various kinds of skin concerns.