About Kim Jeong Moon (KJM)

In 1975, late KJM tried what is known as American Ginseng “Aloe” to treat his stomach problems. He was wowed by how effective Aloe was, and he established the Aloe Research Laboratory. Since then, they have been focusing their research and development solely on Aloe for over 40 years. As a result, they now have healthy dietary supplements and functional cosmetics with their own technology.

Up until 1981, they depended on the import of Aloe Vera Powder around the world. They found out that Aloe Vera Powder is made by drying Aloe Very Leaves in high heat, and this process causes the most active ingredients to evaporate. So, they started cultivating their own Aloe Vera in Jeju Island known as one of the cleanest zones, according to UNESCO. 

Through Trial and error, they found out that it is best to process fresh Aloe grown for 1,000 days within 6 hours of harvesting to provide the purest Aloe. Through it all, they now have over 20 patents, are known to have the most effective soothing mask pack, and have very effective skin elasticity mask pack. Well, they have number one selling aloe face mask in South Korea now!